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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Panama City Beach, FL

FAQ with Panama City Defense Attorney Dana Morris

By Dana Morris |

Dana Morris, one of the most trusted and highly rated criminal defense lawyers in Panama City, Florida, answers some commonly asked legal questions:   1. As a criminal defense attorney, what is one common legal mistake that people make that you wish you could teach everyone?      You do not have to give consent… Read More »

panama city, FL dui attorney

A message from DUI attorney Dana Morris: “Everyone has rights.”

By Dana Morris |

Dana Morris, a DUI defense lawyer at the Morris Law Firm, has handled hundreds of DUI arrests for his clients. Dana Morris, a DUI defense lawyer at the Morris Law Firm, has handled hundreds of DUI arrests for his clients.  He works aggressively to try to obtain the best possible outcome for their charges.  Also, he stays on top of… Read More »


Spring Break Arrests on Panama City Beach, Florida

By Dana Morris |

Panama City Beach, FL is enforcing the following “zero tolerance” ordinances during Spring Break 2017. These are the 9 laws on Panama City Beach this Spring Break that you need to know: 1. During the month of March, no possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the sandy beach of Panama City Beach so… Read More »

The Morris Law Firm has Moved!

By Dana Morris |

The Morris Law Firm has Moved! We at the Morris Law Firm are proud to announce that we are expanding into a larger office at a great new location.  We are now located at the convenient location  of 400 W. 11th Street, Suite A, in downtown Panama City across from The News Herald.  We have greatly enjoyed our… Read More »

What are Opioids? What if I am caught with them without a prescription?

By Dana Morris |

What are Opioids? The most powerful prescription painkillers prescribed by a doctor are called opioids.  Opioids are opium-like compounds manufactured to react on the nervous system in the same way as drugs derived from the opium poppy, like heroin. Some of the most commonly abused opioid painkillers are oxycodone, hydrocodone, meperidine, hydromorphone and propoxyphene. Oxycodone is… Read More »

Want a Guarantee that I’ll Win Your Case?

By Dana Morris |

Would you hire me if I said, “I’ll win your criminal case, guaranteed”? I have potential new clients call my criminal defense firm all the time. Sometimes they ask me, in no uncertain terms, if I can guarantee that I will win their criminal case and get their criminal charges dropped. An actual call… Read More »

How to hire the best attorney in Panama City

By Dana Morris |

“Who is the best attorney in Panama City to handle my case?” If you have found yourself or a friend in legal trouble, I am sure you have wondered or asked others, maybe even Siri, this very question.  Perhaps you’ve even wanted the answers to similar questions like: “Which lawyer gets the best results… Read More »

Questions asked of a Criminal Defense Attorney

By Dana Morris |

New laws are in place on Panama City Beach this Spring Break leading to more arrests. If  your student has been arrested, you likely need answers to legal questions that you have never even thought of. As a parent of a college students you probably have questions you are used to asking. Questions like: What is… Read More »

Panama City Beach Prepares for Spring Break

By Dana Morris |

Well, it’s official; Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow and Captain Anderson’s Restaurant opened tonight. What does this mean for Spring Break on Panama City Beach?  Winter is coming to an end and Spring Break is upon us. Spring Break certainly brings a lot of fun to our 27 miles of sugar white… Read More »

The Morris Law Firm Expands by Two Feet

By Dana Morris |

The Morris Law Firm had a very successful and busy year in 2017.   As we begin 2018, we are very pleased to announce the location of our law office at 400 W 11th Street, Suite A. At the Morris Law Firm, we always strive to meet and exceed the goals of our clients… Read More »