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If you have been accused and are facing assault charges, you need to begin working with an experienced Panama City criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Assault is a serious crime and if you are convicted, you could face significant fines and jail time. Contact our attorney to schedule your initial free legal consultation with our law firm if you need help defending these charges.

Assault is defined as any threat of a physical attack committed against another human being. Although it is often paired with battery in conversation and description, assault and battery are not the same act. Battery is an act of intentionally striking or otherwise causing bodily harm to another human being. Assault is merely the threat of such an attack if the victim perceives the threat to be real. In some cases, an individual may be charged with both.

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Misdemeanor Assault Charges

The basic type of assault charge is a misdemeanor charge. To be convicted of a misdemeanor assault, the court must prove that a defendant threatened another individual in a way that the victim felt the threat was real and posed an actual compromise to his or her safety. This threat must be intentional. Whether the defendant followed through with his or her threat does not matter – as long as an intentional, credible threat to a victim’s safety occurred, the defendant may be found guilty of a misdemeanor assault.

Individuals who are found guilty of misdemeanor assaults may face the following penalties:

  • 60 days in jail; and
  • Fines of up to $500.

Felony Assault Charges

A felony assault is a more serious type of charge. This may be brought about if an individual makes a threat to another person’s safety with a deadly weapon or with the intention of committing a felony.

The penalties for a felony assault conviction include the following:

  • Up to one year in jail;
  • Fines of up to $1,000; and
  • Up to five years in prison for a second or subsequent assault conviction.

Felony assault is also known as aggravated assault. It is a third degree felony. If the defendant used a firearm to commit an act of felony assault, he or she may face substantially higher penalties.

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