Florida Probation Violations (VOP)

The Morris Law Firm is a comprehensive criminal defense practice able to assist clients at every stage of the criminal justice process, from arrest through the completion of sentencing. We have represented many people charged with a VOP (violation of probation), employing aggressive strategies to help clients keep their freedom and avoid additional sentencing and/or more restrictive probation terms. Mr. Morris has even been able to contact the probation officer directly, on behalf of his clients, to explain the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation before the violation is even filed with the court.

Types of Probation Violations

Essentially, probation allows a convicted person to serve a sentence outside of jail under the supervision of a probation officer, so long as all conditions of probation are met. There are many conditions of probation that a Florida judge can impose during sentencing, and breaking any rule of probation may result in a probation violation. Some of the most common ways people violate probation include:

  • Being arrested for a new crime, whether or not charges are filed
  • Conviction for a new crime
  • Being found in possession of illegal substances or weapons
  • Failing an alcohol or drug test
  • Failing to appear for a scheduled court appearance
  • Missing an appointment with a probation officer
  • Violating specific rules of probation, which may prohibit seeing certain people or going to certain places
  • Failing to complete mandatory rehabilitation, community service, or any other court-ordered program
  • Failing to pay a court-ordered fine or restitution
  • Failing to maintain employment or stay in school
  • Changing residences without authorization or notification to a probation officer
  • Leaving the state without a probation officer’s permission

In Florida, these violations are classified into two types: technical violations and substantive violations. A technical violation is any violation of the general or specific conditions of your probation, such as missing a probation meeting or not completing a court-ordered program. A substantive violation occurs when you commit a new criminal offense, also known as a new law violation.

We’re Here to Protect Your Rights

If you have violated probation or are accused of violating your probation in Florida, it is best to talk to a criminal defense attorney in Panama City to avoid jail time, additional fees and court costs, stricter supervision, mandatory drug and alcohol counseling, home detention, and other serious penalties. Unlike many charges, judges have broad discretion in how they handle probation violations, which means the best effective criminal defense representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Call Us to Avoid Additional Sentencing & Penalties

If you or a loved one have been charged with a VOP, probation violation, in Panama City, Florida or the surrounding area, you need an attorney to help you obtain the best outcome. Please contact The Morris Law Firm at (850) 257-5680 for a free initial consultation. We can help protect your rights and freedom whether or not we handled the case that led to your probation sentence.

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