Panama City Underage Drinking Lawyer

Like every other state, Florida law sets the legal drinking age at 21 years. This means that an underage individual caught drinking alcohol in Panama City can find themselves facing serious criminal charges. Because many underage drinkers do not want their parents to learn of their charges, they may attempt to handle their case on their own or, even worse, ignore the matter altogether. Both of these situations can result in harsher consequences than are necessary in your case. Anyone who has been cited for underage drinking should contact experienced defense attorney Dana Morris at The Morris Law Firm in Panama City as soon as possible.

Possession of alcohol by a person under 21

Not only is it unlawful in Florida to drink alcohol, but it is further against the law to even possess any form of alcohol, possess a fake ID, attempt to purchase alcohol, and similar acts. Additionally, if you are caught trying to unlawfully purchase alcohol, the owner or employee of the store or establishment can call the authorities and have you arrested.

If you are charged with any type of underage drinking, you may face the following consequences and more:

  • Revocation of your driver’s license

  • Fine up to $500

  • Probation

  • Up to 60 days in jail

  • Conviction on your permanent criminal record

These penalties can increase substantially if you are arrested again and face any subsequent underage drinking charges. An experienced attorney can defend against your allegations and can negotiate with prosecutors to minimize the consequences you may face, if not have your case dismissed completely.

Underage drinking for Spring Breakers

Underage drinking citations in Panama City are at an all-time high every year during Spring Break. Thousands of young students–many of whom are under 21–flock to the beaches, restaurants, and clubs of Panama City unsupervised and looking for a party. Unfortunately, many underage spring breakers end up facing criminal citations due to law enforcement officers catching them drinking or in possession of alcohol. Bay County courts are always prepared to handle a large number of Spring Break underage drinking cases each year and a conviction of underage drinking on your record can have a serious effect on your life in the future. There are methods for spring break partiers to avoid a conviction on their criminal records and a Panama City Spring Break arrest lawyer can help you avoid conviction and can help you prevent future court dates that would require you to again travel to Panama City.

Contact an experienced underage drinking defense attorney for help today

The penalties for underage drinking can easily extend far beyond a fine or probation. You should not hinder your future opportunities by having a criminal conviction on your record. Instead, you should always call an experienced Panama City criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest or citation. You can contact our office at any time, any day of the week, so please call today at 850-257-5680 to discuss how defense lawyer Dana Morris can help you.