Panama City DUI Attorney

Strong Representation for fighting Florida DUI Charges

When you have been accused of, and are facing driving under the influence (commonly referred to as DUI, DWI or drunk driving) charges and penalties, the DUI attorney you hire to help truly can make a difference. At The Morris Law Firm we know how to help you get your driver’s license back and how to get your Panama City DUI charge reduced or dropped. We take a personal approach to defense representation, paying close attention to the small details that can often help to receive the best possible outcome of your DUI case.

Florida DUI Penalties

Too often, people charged with DUI (especially first time offenders) make the mistake of not hiring a good attorney to help fight the charges and simply accept the sentence handed down by the state. While each case has its own set of facts, with a good Panama City DUI attorney hired to handle your case, you can often achieve a much better resolution.

The penalties for even a first DUI conviction in Florida are severe:

  • Fines of $500 to $1,000 if your blood alcohol level (BAL) was .08 or higher
  • Fines of anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 if your BAL was .15 or higher, or if you were driving with a minor in the car
  • Community service (mandatory 50 hours, or an additional fine equaling $10 per required community service hour)
  • Probation for up to one year
  • Jail time of up to 6 months (for BAL .15 or higher, the sentence could last 9 months)
  • Vehicle impoundment for 10 days (not counting during your incarceration)
  • Driver’s license revoked for up to one year

Attorney Dana Morris has helped DUI clients reduce and even eliminate DUI penalties by thoroughly analyzing the circumstances of an arrest and determining the best course of action to fight the charges.  He wants to help you if you have been wrongfully accused.

Misdemeanor DUI Charges

If you cause property damage or personal injury to someone else while driving under the influence, you’ll be charged with a first degree misdemeanor. This means fines up to $1,000 and jail time for up to one year. We have successfully represented many clients charged with misdemeanor DUI in Panama City, and throughout the neighboring cities and counties, including people arrested while visiting the beaches of Florida on spring break or vacation.

Felony DUI Charges

In Florida, you may be charged with a felony DUI if you receive three DUIs in 10 years, or if you receive a fourth conviction at any time. You will also face a felony conviction if you cause serious bodily injury to someone else. At the Morris Law Firm, we have the experience and resources to deal with felony DUI charges.

DUI Testing

Law enforcement officers have several different options when it comes to testing drivers for alcohol consumption. The most common is the breathalyzer test along with roadside sobriety tests, such as walking in a straight line and following a pen light. We advise clients about their rights in refusing or submitting to DUI testing.  Check out our blog post for more information.

Call Us for a Free Consultation after a Panama City DUI Arrest

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI on Panama City Beach or the surrounding areas, we encourage you to hire one of the best DUI lawyers in Panama City, Florida.  We encourage you to contact the Dana Morris Law Firm for a free initial consultation. We’re available 24/7, so if you think you need to hire an attorney to help, call us now at (850) 257-5680.  We will discuss your rights, the possible consequences of a conviction, and your best available legal options going forward.