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Top 4 Reasons You Need a Will Regardless of Your Age

By Dana Morris |

As a Panama City attorney, I am often asked by my clients, “I don’t have much, do I need a will?” My answer is, “Absolutely! You need a will” If there is no will in place, a judge will decide who cares for your children. We all know, the judge’s choice may not be… Read More »

Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief Information

By Dana Morris |

I’m Dana Morris, attorney at the Morris Law Firm, and I will do my very best to pass along the information that I receive about assistance available to victims of Hurricane Michael.  It is important to me that you are informed about help available to you. How to register for financial assistance following the… Read More »

Florida Penalties for a DUI

By Dana Morris |

The Florida DUI penalties are very strict and can vary on a number of given factors including whether this is your first DUI offense, how long it has been since your last DUI offense, who you had in the car with you at the time of the DUI arrest, etc.  Provided below is a… Read More »

Navigating through the Panama City Pretrial Diversion and Intervention (PTI) Process

By Dana Morris |

Dana Morris is a criminal defense attorney in Panama City, Florida.  Many of the criminal cases that he has represented have resulted in Pretrial Diversion. What are the benefits of a Pretrial Diversion Program? Individuals who successfully complete a Pretrial Diversion Program will avoid a potential criminal conviction and a potential permanent criminal record… Read More »

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Panama City Beach, FL

Spring Break ordinances in place on Panama City Beach during Spring Break

By Dana Morris |

9 of the best things to know before you party on Panama City Beach during Spring Break in March I’m a criminal defense attorney in Panama City, Florida, and it’s that time again for me to try to do my best to warn you about our unique spring break laws passed by the local… Read More »

Who is the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Panama City?

By Dana Morris |

In your search for hiring the right attorney, your first question might be, “Are you the best criminal defense lawyer in Panama City?” When people ask me who to hire as the best criminal defense lawyer in Panama City, my answer here is the same as I tell clients on the phone when they… Read More »

DUI Lawyer Dana Morris Panama City

Hiring a Bail Bondsman in Florida

By Dana Morris |

Bail Bond in Panama City, Florida Are you looking for the best way to bail your friend or family member out of jail and find yourself confused?  You are not alone. It is at this time that it is most important to hire the best criminal defense attorney in the Panama City area to… Read More »

panama city, FL dui attorney

A message from DUI attorney Dana Morris: “Everyone has rights.”

By Dana Morris |

Dana Morris, a DUI defense lawyer at the Morris Law Firm, has handled hundreds of DUI arrests for his clients. Dana Morris, a DUI defense lawyer at the Morris Law Firm, has handled hundreds of DUI arrests for his clients.  He works aggressively to try to obtain the best possible outcome for their charges.  Also, he stays on top of… Read More »


Spring Break Arrests on Panama City Beach, Florida

By Dana Morris |

Panama City Beach, FL is enforcing the following “zero tolerance” ordinances during Spring Break 2017. These are the 9 laws on Panama City Beach this Spring Break that you need to know: 1. During the month of March, no possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the sandy beach of Panama City Beach so… Read More »

The Morris Law Firm has Moved!

By Dana Morris |

The Morris Law Firm has Moved! We at the Morris Law Firm are proud to announce that we are expanding into a larger office at a great new location.  We are now located at the convenient location  of 400 W. 11th Street, Suite A, in downtown Panama City across from The News Herald.  We have greatly enjoyed our… Read More »