When you are seeking the best criminal defense attorney in Panama City to handle the charges that you are facing, you want to make sure that you do your research and pick the attorney that will best meet your needs.  We at the Morris Law Firm encourage you to read our reviews from actual clients who have hired Dana Morris as their attorney and have used our legal services.  These clients shared their stories because they want to help others in the tough decision of which defense attorney to hire.

Actual Morris Law Firm Reviews from Avvo

“There are of a lot of lawyers to choose from. If I need an attorney, I want Dana Morris!”
I recommend Dana Morris of The Morris Law Firm
“I hired Mr. Morris of The Morris Law Firm to help me with some trouble that my daughter got into on Spring Break while on Panama City Beach.”
Mr. Dana Morris is a great criminal defense attorney!
“I hired Mr. Morris to help me with some charges that were brought against me that I did not deserve.”
“I have used Mr. Morris on several occasions not just for criminal legal advice, but for advice on many legal matters.”

Actual Morris Law Firm Reviews from Facebook

My charges were dropped!

“I was absolutely DEVASTATED after being arrested at 50 y/o with no prior criminal history! My first phone call to Morris Law Firm was answered immediately, through high emotions and tears Morgan reassured me Mr. Morris was the one I needed to defend me from these allegations.”  Read full review

Highly recommend!

“I was highly impressed and satisfied with our meeting with this law firm. The receptionist was very sweet and took us right in. Dana was wonderful in helping us and explaining things to where I can finally go home and sleep now. Great personality from everyone, made us feel important and well informed. Highly recommend! They know their stuff!”

Great result

“I’d like to sincerely thank Mr. Dana Morris, as he was very helpful and understanding in answering all of my concerns throughout the process. His experience and legal knowledge helped to ended up the case with a great result in a successful fashion while also teaching me numerous lessons in the process. Through his advice, I was able to become a better person. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Actual Morris Law Firm Reviews from Google

Highly Recommend
“Words cannot describe the level of respect and appreciation I have for Mr. Morris and his firm. He assisted me with my case in ways I never thought were possible. Highly recommended! Thank you again Mr. Morris.”
Best Lawyer in Panama City
“The best lawyer in Panama City.Very professional knows what he’s doing helped me so much I couldn’t be more happier thank you Dana god bless”
Grateful for his Assistance
“Highly recommend The Morris Law Firm! Mr. Morris and his staff were wonderful and very easy to work with. Their stress free environment was especially appreciated in a time when we thought our options were limited. Mr. Morris taught us that no matter the situation, you always have options. We were blessed to have him in our corner and are truly grateful for his service. Thank you Dana!!”
Cares about Helping Others
“I was really impressed with Dana Morris. I reached out to him on behalf of a friend of mine, and what I found with Dana was a man who not only intimately understood the law and the issues at hand, but as importantly it seemed he truly cared about helping. He wasn’t quick or short on our conversation, but took the time to talk, to discuss, to help as much as possible and provide as much information as possible concerning the issue at hand.”
One of the Best in Town
“Great down home hospitality from clerks all the way to the top. This firm will go out of it’s way to get your case or issues resolved to your best outcome. Not too outrageous on fees. Not the cheapest but one of the best in town.”