9 of the best things to know before you party on Panama City Beach during Spring Break in March

I’m a criminal defense attorney in Panama City, Florida, and it’s that time again for me to try to do my best to warn you about our unique spring break laws passed by the local PCB City Council or Bay County Commission.

On Panama City Beach, Florida, each year we have our own version of March Madness; it’s called Spring Break!  The weather is typically sunny and beautiful and college students and families flock to our beautiful beaches for rest, relaxation and a great time.   We hope that you will plan your spring break vacation here and enjoy all that these beautiful beaches have to offer.

Here you will find many of the best things to do on Panama City Beach like pontoon boat rentals, parasailing, night clubs, Shell Island dolphin tours, go-karts, putt-putt golf and so much more.  However, you will also find some unusual spring break laws that you need to know about.

Here are the Spring Break ordinances in place on Panama City Beach during Spring Break:

1. During the month of March, no possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the sandy beach of Panama City Beach, so leave the alcohol in the room.

2. No alcohol possession or consumption in commercial parking lots.

3. During the month of March, all alcohol sales on Panama City Beach end at 2 a.m.

4. No open house parties.

5. Parking in a closed business parking lot is not allowed.

6. Overnight scooter rental is not allowed.

7. It is illegal to climb, jump from or throw things from balconies of hotel or condominiums on Panama City Beach.

8. Parking is prohibited on unmarked or unpaved portions of the road after dark.

9. Metal shovels are not permitted on Panama City Beach, and any holes dug in the sand should not be deeper than 2 feet.

I am a criminal defense attorney at the Morris Law Firm in Panama City, Florida, and have helped with countless spring break arrests of wonderful people who were in violation of one or more of these 9 spring break laws.  I want you to be informed and avoid the hassle of having to hire a Panama City attorney to help you navigate through the legal process.  If you do find yourself in need of an experienced attorney in Panama City, I am experienced in defending spring break law violations and will work hard to try to get your charges dropped or minimized.  Call me, Dana Morris, for a free consultation, (850) 257-5680.