New laws are in place on Panama City Beach this Spring Break leading to more arrests. If  your student has been arrested, you likely need answers to legal questions that you have never even thought of.

As a parent of a college students you probably have questions you are used to asking. Questions like:

  1. What is a typical workload of homework, papers, and tests in your classes?
  2. How much is tuition?
  3. How many credit hours will it take to graduate?
  4. What are some of the reasons students leave or transfer?

The best questions to ask a criminal defense attorney after an arrest are much different than the questions you are accustomed to asking.

Criminal Defense Attorney Dana Morris, at the Morris Law Firm, can counsel you through the entire legal process, from arrest to resolution, answering your questions and easing your confusion and fears.

Panama City criminal defense lawyer, Dana Morris, will help you answer questions like:

  1. What is pretrial diversion (PTD) and is my son/daughter eligible to receive that?
  2. What is a first appearance and when will my son/daughter receive one?
  3. Will you be present for first appearance if I hire you as our criminal defense attorney?
  4. How much is bail and how can I find a bail bondsman?
  5. When is an arraignment and what is it?
  6. Where is the jail and how will my son/daughter get home from there?
  7. How often will we have to travel back to Panama City for court dates or can this be avoided?
  8. How can we get the record sealed or expunged?
  9. What are your legal fees and do you charge by the hour or flat fee?
  10. Do you take payments or do we have to pay all up front?

Dana Morris has extensive experience in criminal law charges and has helped many students and parents in situations just like yours. Keep in mind that the sooner you hire an attorney after an arrest, the better.  

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