In your search for hiring the right attorney, your first question might be, “Are you the best criminal defense lawyer in Panama City?”

When people ask me who to hire as the best criminal defense lawyer in Panama City, my answer here is the same as I tell clients on the phone when they call for a free consultation.  While impossible to know for certain the outcome of your case, the most important thing that I can promise you is that I will work very hard on your case.  I work hard on every case that I take.  I give each and every case my full attention, as if I were defending my own son or daughter’s charges.

In your search to hire the best criminal defense attorney I suggest that you do your homework.  Hiring the right criminal defense attorney is a very important decision that has far reaching ramifications.  I highly recommend that you hire a lawyer that is familiar with the court system, and someone who does criminal defense work every day.  I also suggest that you meet with the criminal defense attorney that you are considering hiring before any money changes hands.  If the attorney you are considering does not have time for you before you pay him or her, he/she will most certainly not have time for you afterwards.

Here at the Morris Law Firm we encourage everyone to come in for a free consultation.

At this meeting, we want you to ask questions about your case, your specific facts and any concerns you may have.  Many times at this meeting we are able to determine that what you need is not an attorney, but just some good, free, sound legal advice.  If this is the case, I am certainly happy to save you some time, money and stress.

I will leave you with a few good questions to ask a lawyer:

How many cases like this have you handled before?  What were the outcomes?

How long have you been practicing law?  Have you ever prosecuted cases?

When was the last time you were in the courthouse?  How many cases have you defended at trial?

Give me a call  at (850) 257-5680.  I’ll be happy to answer your questions.  You may also check out my profile to learn more about my legal practice and my experience.